Sunnymead Residential Development.

Situated in Uddingston, this residential development was thoughtfully designed to suit all lifestyle stages, from 1 bedroom apartments to 6 bedroom detached houses. DWA Ltd were commissioned to prepare landscape proposals to complement the architecture of this new site, as well as satisfy the planning conditions.

Stewart Milne Homes rightly recognised the importance that landscape design and planting can play in achieving a sense of arrival and community wellbeing, as well as it’s ability to give a sense of permanence to these homes. From the outset of the design process, DWA were involved, and with close communication with the various contractors, we were able to set out the foundations for accomplishing a highly successful landscape.

With this in mind, we ensured that the groundworks were carefully prepared, and that the quality of the soil – the very basis for successful plant establishment – was of the highest standard. Planting material was chosen for a various characteristics and uses including evergreen screening, long flowering periods, specimen and architectural plants, blocked colour planting, hedging, and native planting where suitable. These all contributed to enhancing and complementing the development, and adding character to area.

With the groundworks at a high standard, and the right plant for the right place chosen, it was imperative that the new planting was maintained well to ensure it establish and thrived. Regular inspections were carried out after implementation to check on maintenance and the health of the plant material. This method of reporting guaranteed remedial action took place, resulting in the well established landscape development that we see today.


27th April 2018