Landscape Design

The majority of our work lies in landscape design and covers a full range of design work stages from inception and feasibility, through sketch and detailed design to the production of construction drawings and detailed specifications. This work has covered many sectors such as Public Parks, Private Gardens, Civic Spaces, Housing Developments, Sensory Gardens, New Schools and Commercial Developments.

Regardless of the client or size of the project, our principles for design are always the same.  This begins by determining the needs and desires of the user and the conditions of the site. It can also involve working with supporting information from other disciplines to ensure all constraints and opportunities are considered. Information such as topographical surveys, tree surveys and reports, existing services and ecological matters.

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Listening to the client is important to realise their vision. They will almost always have a budget in mind and a wish list that they want to fulfil. Our job is to work within those parameters whilst advising and inspiring along the process. Every site varies in size, shape, contours, aspect etc. they can also have existing elements such as trees hedgerows, views etc. all of which have to be considered and implemented, if possible or desired into the design.

We use computer aided design programmes to create our drawings which we produce mainly in 2d format. We also provide detailed specifications for the planting, hard landscaping and maintenance if required. We can provide mood boards and design statements so that the principles are spelt out and the vision of the outcome is clear.

With all of this information, technical resources, knowledge and expertise, we can then design the space using elements of hard and soft landscaping and any other features to create an aesthetically pleasing, useable, practical and balanced landscape.