Contract Supervision

The ultimate result of our design work is to see it realised on the ground. In landscape led projects we have often acted in the role of project manager and contract administrator overseeing the construction phase through to completion.

This involves attending / organising formal meetings in set intervals along the contracts life. A pre-construction meeting is organised to establish contacts, work plans, timetables and any other business necessary to allow the work to begin. Progress meetings are then organised frequently throughout the contract to gauge the progress of the work and resolve any issues that have occurred. Once completed the site is inspected and any snagging is highlighted for addressing when possible. This process takes a formal approach and certificates and reports are produced throughout the process. Tight budgets are kept and invoices are released once the certificates are signed.

5 Context

This supervision may also take the form of being part of a wider design team, as with many of our School and Local Authority projects.  In such cases, we are involved throughout the projects construction phase to offer advice and design solutions to evolving situations on the ground.  Generally, this will involve attendance at monthly progress meetings as well as ongoing correspondence as issues arise.

We are often asked to visit sites in a less formal way in order to inspect it after implementation of the design. This is normally to see if the work has been carried out as per the approved drawings. This involves walking the site with the drawings and highlighting any issues. A photographic report is then prepared observing the issues and recommending actions necessary to bring the site to a standard expected by all.