DWA Landscape Architects Ltd

DWA As a Company

DWA Landscape Architects Limited is a landscape design practice based in Hamilton. Established in 1992 as David Wilson Associates, David Wilson built a respected design and environmental service to a wide range of public and private clients throughout Scotland.

The key principle behind all of the work undertaken by DWA is: ‘To protect the environment for future generations by ensuring that the needs of this one are met in a sustainable manner ‘David Wilson Associates was established in 1992 as a sole trader with David Wilson (chartered member of the Landscape Institute, CMLI) as Principal.

Over the years, the business has established a respected design and environmental service to a wide range of public and private clients throughout Scotland.

A New Era

On the 1st February 2013. The business transformed into a Limited Company called DWA Landscape Architects Ltd. David, along with two of his long standing associates Andrew McLatchie (CMLI) and Julie Spence are Directors of this company, with an equal share in the ownership. Most of the day to day running of the company is carried out by David, Andrew and Julie, within the overall management strategy agreed by all.

Andrew McLatchie has worked with the practice since 2000 and Julie Spence since 2005, and both have for many years played an active role in the running and management of the company.

Alongside their roles as Directors, David, Andrew and Julie are also senior designers and managers. They are assisted by a skilful, dedicated team of staff. Along with our professional responsibility to the planet and our commitment to our staff, we aim to achieve a close working relationship with those who commission us, listening, understanding and inspiring our clients to achieve their vision.

Landscape Design

The majority of our work lies in landscape design. Regardless of the client or size of the project, our principles for design are always the same. Listening to the client is important to realise their vision whilst advising and inspiring along the process. We can then use our skill and experience to design the space using elements of hard and soft landscaping and any other features to create an aesthetically pleasing, useable, practical and balanced landscape.

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Landscape Assessment

DWA has carried out many landscape assessments in the form of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) looking at all potential impacts a proposed development would have upon the landscape. A landscape statement can be carried out if a full LVIA is not require. This involves a less in-depth study but allows an overview of the potential impacts and constraints upon a development which may allow decisions to be made relating to feasibility and approaches to design.

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Contract Supervision

The ultimate result of our design work is to see it realised on the ground. In landscape-led, projects we often act in the role of project manager and contract administrator overseeing the construction phase through to completion. We are often asked to visit sites in a less formal way in order to inspect it after design implementation. This is normally to see if the work has been carried out as per the approved drawings. This involves walking the site with the drawings and highlighting any issues.

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